A multi-channel solution for consistently satisfactory contacts

Our real-time solution for document capture and recognition, Wizidee, is embedded on your clients’ mobiles, via your Web portal. It can be used at sales outlets or remotely, and performs the following operations in one go:
  • Collection of your clients’ ID documents
    and various supporting documents

  • Consistency checks
    in and between these documents

  • Extraction and leveraging of
    useful and necessary client data

  • Checking that files are complete

  • ID checks of your clients combining document checking and biometric checks using facial recognition and live testing

Client experience
compliance, conversion:
a win-win situation!

For your client, there’s nothing simpler or swifter than performing the formalities to access your services. And since their personal data is protected, they trust it.

You receive data that’s been checked instantly at source, and you can provide your clients with the responses they expect without any hassle, as soon as possible.

When Wizidee gets going, it’s mind-blowing!

- - - -

In short, Wizidee ensures:

Enhanced performance
by your staff

Greater satisfaction
for your clients

  • Smoother
    digital pipeline
  • Simpler
    admin processing
  • Swifter processing
    of their requests:
  • Better self-care
  • Greater trust
    in your brand
  • More positive comments
    and recommendations.

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