Technology that works everywhere for a seamless
client experience

Nowadays all organisations need to provide a digital client experience.
This requires well-designed technology that your clients and staff can relate to easily.
As document experts since 1989, Everial has leveraged its stellar experience in document processing, client relations and state-of-the-art technology to develop Wizidee. Wizidee is no mere software suite: it is a discreet ally, that works everywhere, upgradable and ever available!

All channels lead to a
simple, durable relationship,
between your clients and staff.

With Wizidee, no need for an overhaul to improve your staff’s and clients’ experience. Our solution can be used on all channels and contact points. It can be integrated seamlessly, enhancing your information system and your business solutions, yet working independently.

On your clients’ mobiles
Wizidee uses an SDK in native mode in the form of an iOS framework or Android library, to integrate into your application.

Via your web portal
Wizidee is seamlessly integrated by API.

Remotely by email or SMS
Your clients can easily access your document processing and ID checking services in real time via a customised URL sent by email or SMS.

At the customer’s local branch or sales outlet
Your consultants can also use real-time document checks in order to process everything on site.

Personal data is protected

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Documents are processed locally on the device used by your client. The data is not kept once it has been checked and approved in our solution. GDPR is complied with, and your clients feel they can trust you.

Document processing in actual real time, always available

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The client embeds Wizidee on their mobile. Their documents are then processed instantly and locally, without using remote servers.
Wizidee is an automated recognition solution boasting its own library of document templates and processing rules.
Your client is informed instantly of their progression through the simplified pipeline, which reassures them.

Swift, easy
ID checks

The Wizidee Biometrics add-on combines biometric and document checking by comparing the person’s face with the ID photo in real time.
A simple video stream is all you need to perform biometric checks using facial recognition and live testing. It is much easier and less intrusive than most solutions which require clients to take selfies from various angles.

French cloud with
99.9% availability,

Wizidee’s technical setup includes two Kubernetes clusters, in two remote datacenters (300 km away), at two separate hosting operators.

This setup ensures:

  • Flexibility and agility deploying applications in production.
  • Auto-scaling processes with transparent workload fluctuations.
  • Independence from infrastructure in order to move applications easily.
  • Resistance to breakdown and catastrophes.
  • Hosting at the client’s discretion in France.

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